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Network Empire’s Video Silo Plugin – the people who brought you the original video silo plugin on the market and still the best!

This unbelievably powerful plugin can INSTANTLY create a video SEO silo structure for your WordPress website.

Our plugin has been shown to rank our member’s sites effortlessly for target keywords. (see Chris Morris’s comments below for an example)

You can get the plugin now for just $27 and use it on as many domains as you wish with no recurring payments.  Start getting traffic to your site today!




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Please See Our Video SEO Silo Plugin Help Files for More Information!


More Written Endorsement from Chris Morris:

During the OMG Live Event I shot a video testimonial with Russell Wright for his V-Silo Plugin. I wanted to share that with the group and update everyone.

When Russell announced the V-Silo Plugin to NHB I immediately went out and bought the plugin. I am a huge fan of Russell and Sue and these guys are Powerhouses that can not be stopped when it comes to SEO.

I had no idea what I was doing with Silo’s as I had never ever built one manually in my life let alone have a plugin to do all the hard stuff for me but I was very eager to adopt this in to my business so I installed this on a brand new test domain for testing.

The first thing I did was just pick out the silos (Keywords) that I wanted to rank for and I let the V-Silo Plugin go out and find all the relevant videos based upon that.

I pulled in the video, video description and video comments back to the blog and I just let it sit. The site was and still is VERY UGLY

Within days I saw the site pop up very high in Google for some of my target keywords and man I have to tell you I was VERY excited about that so I ran out and I hired a really good content writer who wrote out content based upon my silo architecture and keywords I wanted to rank for.

I replaced the default video description with the new content and let that sit naturally getting reindexed. To my surprise the rankings not only stuck but my site jumped even further ahead in the SERPS and began taking over page one for a lot of my target keywords.

Ok…Flash forward a bit…

I’m sitting at the event and I just casually checked my stats for Clickbank and I realized I was getting sales on this site still. I actually made a sale as Russell and Sue were presenting their content to the OMG Live Group and I was so excited I shared that with the whole front row and MAN what a feeling that is.

Today I just checked CB and I have yet another sale putting total sales now at 7 and they’re already starting to rebill and I haven’t even begun to work on conversions yet.

This plugin is AWESOME!

I’m building a list, building an income and I still have the default videos and a crummy looking site that’s STILL MAKING ME MONEY as I sleep!

I want to share that with you guys because I know that there are still NHB’ers who have yet to make any money online yet. NOT due to the NHB content but because they haven’t put things in to play yet.

I’m nobody special. I simply took action (bare minimal at that) and I am seeing results.

Thank you to Russell Wright and Sue Bell and especially everyone here at NHB!

– Chris Morris



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